a finger held aloft


Spring has arrived in a gallop and I am grinding my way through the editing software manuals. I shut spring out and spend much time looking at this monitor. I start an exercise regime in the morning. At the end of the day, I go out to an opening of an exhibition called Space Love and talk to more people about this project. It is a relief to download some of this and allow the activity of speaking shape my thinking. When I get home, an email prompts me with the phrase a finger held aloft to write a story that is no longer than 1001 words. I draw on my recent experience working alongside the scientists surveying the birds to write this story, which is then read live on the internet at 2.47 am by a woman in London, who precedes her reading by sticking out her tongue to reveal a metal stud, with the number 438 set in it. The story can be read at:


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