lightproof container


I go into the Floreat headquarters of CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems to meet with the team who work there and work out with Patrick the practicalities of me working there. I had been trying to organise a laptop that could handle the powerful editing software so that I could work on the editing in the scientific workplace, thereby taking advantage of any ‘corridor conversations’ that are often extremely useful in collaborative projects. Unfortunately, it looks like I won’t be able to do this, but we work out a timetable of times when we need to intersect. Everyone around the table was about to enter a very busy period involving a lot of travel, so getting everyone together at the same time was quite an effort. As a national organization dealing with wide tracts of land and many different types of landscape, the archetypical scientific ‘laboratory’ seemed an inappropriate structure for this group of scientists. The transfer, sharing and dissemination of knowledge stretched across the continent and further, making me wonder where and how I could fit into this ‘open lab’.

I am also starting to wonder how I can get everything finished in time. It is a huge project that I have begun here and twelve months would be a much more appropriate time period to deal with all the material. I set a date to finish all the logging of the material – September 22 and as I write it down I can’t see how even this preliminary task can be achieved in such a short time.

I also begin negotiations with Marco about getting a self-contained room built in the Gallery in Kellerberrin. The video will need to be projected in a totally lightproof container, as the imagery will be very dark and subtle.

In the late afternoon I go back to the dentist to have more work done on my teeth, then call into a second hand bookshop, where I buy a number of books. Amongst them is a copy of Barbara York Main’s Twice Trodden Ground, which is a series of short essays about the wheat belt area near where I have been working.

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