spiritual halitosis


I get through a bit more of the logging and blogging I am doing. Images of the excavator that was digging the deep drain are slowed down and replayed a number of times and short clips captured. The ‘camera crashing’ I did in Durokoppin reserve is replayed and slowly the material starts to reveal itself.

I also dip into one of the books I bought yesterday, The Importance of Living by the Chinese writer Lin Yutang. In a chapter on Nature, he writes a beautiful little essay On Bigness, which corresponds in part to some of my reflections on the landscape around Kellerberrin. He speaks about how immense landscapes can shrink a man’s form but enlarge his heart. He makes the reference to small figures ‘the size of ants’ in Sung Dynasty paintings, but finishes with a list of ills that a big landscape can cure, and these can range from “ kleptomania, megalomania, egocentricity, spiritual halitosis, bonditis, couponitis, managitis (the desire to manage others), war-neurosis, verse-phobia, spitefulness, hatred, social exhibitionism, general muddle-headedness and all forms of moral distemper.”
(from the Importance of Living by Lin Yutang, William Heinemann 1941)

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