Eupodotis australis


After spending the evening doing more logging and capturing, I go to bed and open up Between Wodjil and Tor and see something quite startling. I have been using a postcard as a bookmark, but hadn’t noticed the image until now. It is a seventeenth century painting by Margaretha de Heer of a stork and a butterfly and the page it was marking was opposite Barbara York Main’s drawing of a bustard (Eupodotis australis). The two birds were similarly proportioned and their stance almost identical. I recalled the anecdote Kit had told me of the only time he had seen a Bustard around Kellerberrin. Some research scientists were in the area studying birds and he rushed to tell them to come and have a look (at this stage he didn’t know that type of bird it was). To his disbelief, the scientist dismissed his plea, as he was too absorbed in his observation of a twenty-eight parrot, which are extremely common in the area!

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